COG Power is revolutionising the power generation industry and reducing emissions, one solar partnership at a time

COG Power is a new kind of power provider. We partner commercial property clients around the world to deliver solar as a service at zero capital cost.

With rising operational costs and the global drive to reduce emissions, COG Power offers all the benefits of solar energy without the burden of investment or loans. No buying, renting or effort required. We design, install and maintain a bespoke solar solution at your site, then we provide you with clean electricity for a fixed rate significantly below market rates.

  • Save on OPEX instantly
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Become an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leader
  • Combat electricity price fluctuations

How it works

Using proven technology we deliver solar as a service to our clients in a collaborative two-way partnership based on a simple concept: You host our solar assets at zero cost. We generate and supply you with clean electricity. You pay a fixed discount rate, significantly less than your current charges. Together we reduce your operating costs and lighten your carbon footprint.


1: We analyse

We analyse your power consumption patterns using data from your grid provider.

2: We evaluate

We visit and evaluate the host location and discuss details with you.

3: We install

We propose then install a bespoke COG Power solar solution


1: Night time

During the night time, your system will use the mains grid to power your location, while topping up the optional battery as required We analyse your power consumption patterns using data from your grid provider.

2: Day time (sunny)

During sunshine your location is powered in full by solar power. Any excess power production is used firstly to charge your optional battery and then returned to the mains grid.

3: Day time (cloudy)

Seamless smart switching occurs between solar power and the grid during intermittent cloud cover, sunrise and sunset. The system is calibrated to opts low power prices.

Select a state below:


1: Zero up-front investment

You pay less for OPEX, with no investment or maintenance costs.

2: You save 10%

Solar power you use is metered and invoiced to you at a fixed discount to your grid provider’s rate, approximately 10%.

3: Grid provider credits

Your grid provider credits your account for any excess production returned to the grid, which we claim from you.

4: Minimal grid charges

The only charges you’ll receive from your grid provider will be for supplementary power supplied during no/low sunshine.



1: Financial Capital

With COG power you’ll save 10% or more on your daytime power consumption, allowing you to apportion funds to other important aspects of your company.

2: Manufactured capital

COG’s solar arrays make maximum use of otherwise wasted natural resources on your site. They seamlessly transition onto natural power when it’s available, and their effortless operation provides an added level of resilience against peak cooling load brownouts in essential cooling operations.

3: Social Capital

COG power allows you to play your part now by preempting new legislation and demonstrating leadership in your industry. The days of governance structures brushing off sustainability goals are over. From January 1st 2023, large listed companies with market capitalisation over $60m, and banks, insurers and other organisations managing assets over $1b will begin mandatory climate-related disclosures.

4: Natural Capital

It's generally accepted that solar installations in New Zealand achieve carbon neutrality between years 3 and 4 of operation. (depending on the specifics of your system). Using the average New Zealand grid emissions of 110g/kWh, a 100kWh system in Christchurch that becomes carbon neutral in four years, will end up saving over 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent GHG by the end of the first decade.

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